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MISSION STATEMENT: The Journal of North American Herpetology (JNAH) (ISSN 2333-0694) provides an open access on-line venue with the use of all modern digital technologies for peer-reviewed contributions of all aspects of North American Herpetology within the geographic boundaries of the United States and Canada. JNAH is a continuation of the first herpetological on-line peer reviewed journal Contemporary Herpetology (1998-2009).

About JNAH

JNAH is a continuation of the first herpetological on-line journal Contemporary Herpetology (1998-2009).

JNAH Contents

2015 Meshaka, Walter E., Jr., Pablo R. Delis, and Katie Walters. Geographic variation in selected life history traits of the Eastern Narrowmouth Toad, Gastrophryne carolinensis (Holbrook, 1836), along the northeastern edge of its geographic range. The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):1-5. 0.1 MB
2015 Bird, William M., Philip Peak, and Danna L. Baxley. Natural hisotry of an allopatric population of Red Cornsnakes, Pantherophis guttatus (Linnaeus, 1766) in central Kentucky, USA. The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):6-11. 0.13 MB
2015 Brown, Donald J., Todd M. Swannack, and Michael R. J. Forstner. Using calling activity to predict calling activity: A case study with the endangered Houston Toad (Bufo [Anaxyrus] houstonensis). The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):12-16. 0.14 MB
2015 Crawford, John A., Andrew R. Kuhns, and Mathys J. Meyer. Population ecology of the Northern Slimy Salamander (Plethodon glutinosus) in east-central Illinois. The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):17-21. 0.12 MB
2015 Fellers, Gary M., Patrick M. Kleeman, and David A. W. Miller. Wetland occupancy of pond-breeding amphibians in Yosemite National Park, USA. The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):22-33. 0.49 MB
2015 Donner, Deahn M., Christine A. Ribic, Albert J. Beck, Dale Higgins, Dan Eklund, and Susan Reinecke. Woodland pond salamander abundance in relation to forest management and environmental conditions in northern Wisconsin. The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):34-42. 0.19 MB
2015 Gray, Brian S. A study of the defensive behaviors of free-ranging DeKay's Brownsnakes, Storeria dekayi (Holbrook, 1836). The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):43-52. 0.36 MB
2015 Heinrich, George L., Dale R. Jackson, Timothy J. Walsh, and David S. Lee. Southernmost occurrence of the Suwannee Cooter, Pseudemys concinna suwanniensis (Testudines: Emydidae). The Journal of North American Herpetology 2015(1):53-59. 0.41 MB

Topic Headings

If your study does not appear to fit into one of these headings, please contact the JNAH Editors (see below) to see if the study is acceptable for consideration. Please note that we will not be accepting shorter notes such as individual natural history observations.

Taxonomy/Systematics Exotic Species Inventory/Monitoring Morphology
Taxon-based Studies Genetics Biogeography Paleontology
Amphibian Diseases Diet Embryology Ecology
Environmental Physiology Geographic Distribution

Instructions to Authors

  • Font should be Arial 12 pt
  • Manuscript should be 1.5 line spaced
  • Page numbers should be centered on the bottom
  • Results should be presented in past tense
  • Common names should be consistent throughout the manuscript
  • Citations will be presented chronologically in text and spelled out in their entirety (including author names and the manuscript titles) in the Literature Cited section

Electronic submissions should be emailed to JNAH.editor@cnah.org. Be sure to include all materials (manuscript, figures, tables, images, sound files, etc.). For larger files (greater than 25 MB) please contact the JNAH editors via email for instructions on using DropBox. JNAH tracks and posts submission and rejection rates and participates in journal impact ratings for the benefit of authors. The Table of Contents of each issue will be announced by CNAH.

Editorial Board

Editor in Chief:
Dan Fogell
Southeast Community College
Lincoln, Nebraska

Managing Editor:
Travis W. Taggart
Sternberg Museum of Natural History
Hays, Kansas

Associate Editors:
James Austin
University of Florida
Pablo Delis
Shippensburg University
Dale DeNardo
Arizona State University
Raul Diaz
La Sierra University
Amanda Duffus
Gordon State College
David Galbraith
Royal Botanical Gardens
Kristin Godfrey
The Biodiversity Group
Robert Jadin
University of Colorado Boulder
Richard Kazmaier
West Texas A&M University
Kenro Kusumi
Arizona State University
Tom Mathies
Colorado Partners for Reptile and Amphibian Conservation
Lisa Regula Meyer
Kent State University
Jennifer Olori
State University of New York, Oswego
George Pisani
Kansas Biological Survey
Amber Pitt
Bloomsburg University
John Placyk Jr.
University of Texas at Tyler
Susan Rehorek
Slippery Rock University
R. Graham Reynolds
University of Massachusetts Boston
Justin Rheubert
Saint Louis University
J. Daren Riedle
Lincoln University
Javier Rodriguez
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Kirk Setser
H.T. Harvey and Associates
Christopher Sheil
John Carroll University
Geoff Smith
Denison University
Jeremy Stout
Don Sundquist Center of Excellence in Paleontology
Brad Timm
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Luis Tirado
University of Florida
Peter Uetz
Virginia Commonwealth University
Rocky Ward
West Texas A&M University
Jessa Watters
Sam Noble Museum
Marco A.L. Zuffi
University of Pisa, Italy

Contemporary Herpetology Contents

Currently accessible at (Contemporary Herpetology). We are in the process of moving all CH content to this section.

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