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    Contemporary Herpetology (CH) is a nonprofit, electronic journal designed to facilitate the dissemination of herpetological information. CH maintains high scientific standards; submitted articles must pass peer-review prior to publicaotin. CH will publish articles covering all aspects of herpetology, including ecology, ethology, systematics, conservation biology, and physiology. CH will also publish reviews, monographs, points-of-view, and faunistic surveys of poorly-known areas.


    Accepted articles are published immediately and made available for free. People wishing to receive automated announcements of newly served papers may register here. Those registered will receive e-mail messages announcing new articles. The on-line publication process is more rapid and efficient than standard paper printing. Articles will be posted as soon as they have successfully completed the review process, virtually eliminating the lag time of paper journals.

    Average time from acceptance to publication for some herpetological journals (as of 18 April 1997):

Copeia - 8-10 months
Journal of Herpetology - 6-8 months
Herpetological Review - 6-9 months
Herpetologica - 10 months

    One of the most dramatic advantages of electronic publishing is the ease with which graphics can be embedded in articles.  Internet technology provides graphics capabilities--such as full-motion video, full-color digital photography, computer simulations, and audio playback--that are either impossible or prohibitively expensive in print journals.

CH Information Series (CHIS)

    CHIS will publish translations, species lists, keys, and other publications that are of value to herpetologists, but that are not likely to be published in other journals. 

Other Issues

    Citing Contemporary Herpetology -We suggest the following style for citing CH (or CHIS) articles:

1998. The taxonomic status of the Wyoming toad, Bufo baxteri Porter. Contemporary Herpetology 1998(1).

    Recognition by Abstracting Organizations - On-line peer-reviewed journals are recognized by Zoological Record and Current Contents.

    International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) - Both CH and CHIS have been issued Library of Congress ISSN identification numbers.

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